Our Services

General property maintenance task such as:

  • Tile replacement
  • gutter cleaning, gutter repair, hedge hog installation
  • Chimney repairs such as repointing, new pots or re flaunching
  • Painting
  • Bird spike/bird prevention installation
  • Tree removal, reduction
  • Window cleaning/ sofit-facia cleaning
  • Steam cleaning

Anything else considered or we have many contacts for various tradespeople who we use and trust.

Operator hire

Trained in the following categories

Ipaf 1b, 3a, 3b, H (static boom, mobile vertical, mobile boom, Harness)

Cscs = general construction operations nvq level2

Please contact us for various machines that you require either being operated or machines you want supplied and operated.


Softwashing is a process we carry out to clean different types of building surfaces. A lot of buildings will grow algea/lichen on elevations which do not get much sunlight. We use a sodium hypochlorite softwash biocide which we spray or brush onto the building then gently rinse off. We can then add a secondary product which should protect regrowth for up to a year. This way of cleaning is a lot more effective then just pressure washing on its own plus it eliminates the chance of damaging or eroding surfaces which hard forms of pressure washing can do.

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